Illustrators, painters, set designers, photographers, poets, writers, sculptors … professionals and not, anyone who wants to participate.


The association Ballacoicinghiali, together with the Association Find The Cure, for several years brings in the cities of Savona and Asti the review “Mondovisioni – Internazionale documentaries”, five docu-films selected by the two associations among those presented at the Festival of the magazine Internazionale in Ferrara, in turn selected by major international festivals. The exhibition brings to the big screen stories of great importance on human rights, politics and the media world with the aim of providing the citizen with clear, deep and informed information on current issues often difficult to use by the classical media.

One of the films presented during this year’s review (2017/2018), Jaha’s promise, tells the story of Jaha Dukureh, a girl from Gambia, West Africa, who was subjected to female child mutilation (FGM) as a child and brought to New York at  15 years to marry a man she had never seen before. A decade later, freed from that marriage, she returned to Gambia to lead a campaign against the practice that marked her life. Jaha, through his actions, puts both African and Western power structures in front of their responsibilities, and demands respect for the rights of girls in any society they live. Jaha’s Promise is an extraordinary story of individual and social redemption, marked by the tension of conflict.

After projecting the film, we presented to the public some works of art with the intent to show the relationship between art and female genital mutilation, in which art helps to spread a message, becoming an active part of the anti-violence movement and thus bringing social problems to light.

Starting from this idea, we decided to organize for the Festival Balla Coi Cinghiali a call to the artists, whose theme focuses on mutilations, not only in the meaning of female genital mutilation, but a theme that covers a wider aspect of the term. Mutilations are wounds, cuts, acts that transform our body irreparably. The biological body is, from the beginning of life, the terrain on which culture and society inscribe its own brand and its functioning, it undergoes voluntary or involuntary changes to belong to a group to a class or to a person, but when the changes are wounds that can not be erased what remains of our body? An investigation into the change of the body when it undergoes irreparable physical or psychological violence, body as a social object and body as an object of law.


We believe in the potential of art as an expressive and communicative means to inform, to reflect, to move from inaction, to reach people. That’s why we decided to organize the Call to the Artists; not only to sensitize people about a fundamental theme in this and in any society, but also to show how it is possible to do it through a medium in which we believe a lot.


All the material sent to us will be published on the website and a selection of it will be periodically published on the association’s Facebook page.

The elaborates to the following email:

After a first selection of the works received online, the Association will contact the authors whose works have been selected to exhibit at the Festival; it will then be the duty of the author to send the original work (or a copy, in case the characteristics of the work make it possible and the author deems it appropriate) to the following address:
Andrea Cavalleri (Technical Office)
Via Aurelia 41, 17025 Loano, Savona (Italy)
Telephone: 33304407941 (please indicate the number on the envelope because it is useful for shipping, but do not call to receive information about the call)

Subsequently, from 23rd to 25th August, an exhibition will be set up with the works selected in the Festival Balla Coi Cinghiali, in Vinadio (CN), Italy. The images of the works not selected that reflect the requirements of the aforementioned announcement, will still be published on the website of the association and, in part, on the Facebook page.

For technical reasons, the material must be sent by e-mail by July 15, 2018.

We reserve the right not to publish images that may be offensive or non-inherent.

When the author sends the work, to facilitate the Italian customs operations, specify on: “work without commercial value”.

The exhibition would like to become itinerant, in which case you will be informed.

For any questions, do not hesitate to write us!


The right to reproduce the images on the Facebook page, on the website of the association Ballacoicinghiali and for the exhibition. All the material received will be reproduced with the name of the author or authors and with the title of the work.

The work may not have title. The participants guarantee the originality of the submitted work. The sending of works is equivalent to the acceptance of the announcement in all its parts.

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